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Apple’s Vision Pro: A New Era of Spatial Computing and Mixed Reality

Nova3.Art Meta Book Club
Nova3.Art Meta Book Club

Welcome to the brave new world where technology and reality have become entwined more deeply than ever before. Thanks to cutting-edge innovations in spatial computing and mixed reality (MR) technologies, we are on the brink of experiencing a revolution in the way we interact with our digital environment. Leading this wave of change is none other than Apple, with its latest product: Vision Pro.

Vision Pro harnesses spatial computing — a computing method using the physical space around us to engage with and process digital information. Instead of relying on conventional 2D screens, spatial computing utilises the 3D world, providing an immersive interface for users to interact with digital content in real time.

In essence, Vision Pro is Apple’s bold answer to the question of how to mesh the physical and digital worlds seamlessly. It blends computer-generated images and real-world environments, crafting an enhanced reality, also known as mixed reality (MR). But this isn’t a simple case of overlaying computer graphics on your morning coffee; this is about transforming the world into an interactive playground.

Metaverse Gallery
Metaverse Gallery

This pioneering technology has exciting implications for various sectors, including the emerging Metaverse — a collective of virtual shared spaces, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the internet. The Metaverse envisions a future where users live, work, and play in a completely digitised environment. CanvasLand, a renowned Metaverse production studio based in Hong Kong, is at the forefront of turning this vision into reality.

CanvasLand is aligning its revolutionary tech with Apple’s Vision Pro, to create a borderless, immersive world. Imagine stepping into a virtual gallery where you can admire art pieces in 360 degrees. Now, imagine if you could own these digital artifacts, thanks to the functions of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are digital assets, securely stored on blockchain infrastructure like LUKSO, providing proof of ownership for unique digital content.

Cryptocurrencies will also play a vital role in this borderless internet by facilitating secure, instantaneous, and global transactions. With the LUKSO blockchain, this symbiotic relationship between Apple’s Vision Pro, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies promises to redefine our online experiences, shifting us from passive observers to active participants.


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